Maherajah Water Skis

Bob Maher

The founder and patriarch of the company, is the oldest water ski manufacturer in the world.  He began building water skis in 1950 when he was 12.  He estimates he has built over 90,000 skis and takes pride in saying that he has brought smiles to 90,000 people all over the world.

In 1957 Bob began winning ski races in San Francisco Bay, Monterey Bay, and at Lake Isabella.  Bob has also skied the Long Beach to Catalina race seven times.

Skiing the grueling Sydney, Australia, Bridge to Bridge race in 59 minutes when he was 52 years old is one of Bob’s most memorable races.

In 2012, Bob was inducted into the Water Ski Hall of Fame for “Design & Innovation.”  Today’s skis made by all other manufacturers feature many of these innovations–including the concave bottom and the drop-thru fin.

Michael Grivette

Now the Vice President of Operations, Mike started skiing at the ripe young age of 6 growing up on the shores of Clear Lake here in California.  Within a few years he was competing on the local level in both slalom and ski racing.  But at a young age he discovered he had an equal passion for actually making his own skis and bindings.  He made and sold his first ski at the age of 13 and subsequently started making and selling them on a custom basis.

In 1976, having seen the need for narrower racing skis, he invented the side clamp racing binding that would subsequently be copied by major ski manufacturers such as H.O.

Having spent the last four decades in high tech manufacturing in Silicon Valley, he has now joined Bobby in the ski operation.