Racing Bindings

Maherajah Water Skis

The New “Endo-Clamp” Binding:

It is widely recognized that in the world of high speed ski racing, the narrower one can make a racing ski, the less it will respond to impact with on-coming waves and thus providing a much smoother ride for the skier.

Traditionally, the lower limit of racing ski width was controlled by binding width.

We were the first to invent the “side clamp” binding back in 1976 which was immediately copied by the major ski manufacturers.  The motivation for that binding was for the racing side of our business wherein racing skis were getting narrower and we needed a narrow profile binding to fit on them properly.  But at the same time, we had to have a binding that could properly retain the skier’s foot at speeds over 140mph and still release with minimal risk.

The inspiration for the Endo-Clamp design was based on our original side clamp designs and then evolved with the economical availability of CNC machining.

The resulting binding was the narrowest configuration ever produced while being both easy to enter, and providing maximum lateral and longitudinal support.

It provides comfort for those long marathon races like the Long Beach to Catalina race and yet provides a high degree of confidence in the event of the inevitable fall.

As a further innovation, our new “Cantilever Mount” method minimizes the effect of the binding boot presence on the ski’s flexural pattern.

We have retained the traditional double crossover strap and buckle configuration but enhanced its usability with our new single pin connection that simply will not come unbuckled during a race.