New Generation 7 Fin

Maherajah Water Skis

The Gen 7 Fin:

We have long been intrigued by the current practice of adjusting fins in the field or on the water using a micrometer.  This whole approach just seemed impractical and too imprecise to our engineers.

We were further puzzled that while so much importance was placed on LE (Leading Edge position) and DFT (Distance From Tail) measured in thousandths of an inch, that adjustable fins would not allow these parameters to be varied independently—moving DFT forward would necessarily move LE forward.  Decreasing or increasing fin depth would also affect exposed blade area.  If all these separate parameters are so important then they should be able to be varied independently.

The approach used on the new Gen 7 is based on our decades of building top performing skis.  Instead of an infinitely adjustable fin blade, the new Gen 7 fin possesses easily changeable blades.

The blade that comes installed on the ski is our factory-optimized D-blade shape intended to perform well for most skiers.  Each blade is CNC-laser cut for precise repeatability.  It possesses a very specific DFT (Distance From Tail), a specific LE (Leading Edge distance), a specific FA (Fin Area), and a specific FD (Fin Depth).

A CNC-machined billet fin block locks the blade in a precisely repeatable position.  The blade is easily and quickly removed and replaced with an alternate blade.

Just loosen two set screws in the fin block, drop out the blade, pop in the new blade, tighten the set screws and try it immediately.  No scribing, no note taking, no measuring.

You provide a complete matrix of blade shapes and sizes in the “Store” section of our website from which you can choose for your optimization and experimentation.

You will see that there are fins where the DFT has been increased but the LE stays the same.  You will also see where we have varied fin depth without affecting either DFT or LE.  With our CAD design software and CNC-Laser cutting, we can even keep the fin area the same with or without varying the depth also—something that can’t be done with conventional fixed-shape adjustable fin blades.

If you are really serious about optimizing your fin-tuning, then being able to isolate each parameter and change it independently is the only way to do this effectively.

The Wing:

The Generation-7 fin is provided with a traditionally-shaped adjustable wing which you may, or may not choose to use depending upon your performance level.

Since their inception back in 1978 credited to Jay Schnitzer, wings and their efficacy have been the subject of much conjecture.  Our own testing has clearly demonstrated their presence only becomes beneficial at the shorter line lengths beyond 32’ off.  Think of it like having a rear wing on an exotic sports car that only begins to have any effect at speeds above 150 mph.  Until then, it’s all about looks at the expense of unnecessary drag.