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Maherajah Water Skis

The name "Maherajah" has been synonymous with the world of ski racing since the sport's inception in the fifties.

The new Skinny Crown racing ski

—the king of the race course

The Ideal Racing Ski:
We asked speed skiers, if they had a wish list for the best combination of features in a racing ski what would it look like? We listened.

New for 2019, we have combined the race-proven Crown ski with its unique longitudinal thickness taper with the narrowest profile of any racing ski in history.

This new narrow profile minimizes the lift reaction of the ski’s impact with waves reducing the bounce experienced by the skier while continuing to provide negligible drag—even at the highest race speeds.

Overall Dimensions:
Length: 88”
Maximum Width: 4.75”
Maximum Thickness (at mid-length): 1.125”
Weight (w/fin, no bindings): 24 lbs

Construction: The Skinny Crown boasts all-wood, 5 layer multi-lam composite construction. The top surface is comprised of a customized selection of exotic hardwoods for both their beauty, strength and stiffness.

The bottom running surface is vertical grain eastern white ash for its unique combination of stiffness and toughness and impact resistance.

Just as with the top manufacturers of snow skis, we have found a wood shear core superior to any of the other composite materials now in vogue—such as PVC foam, aluminum honeycomb, etc. Our core is 3 layers of aircraft certified Sitka spruce for its vibration-damping qualities and light weight—the highest strength to weight ratio of any of the structural woods.

The Bindings: The development of our new Generation 7 racing bindings have made this new skinny profile practical. Maximum binding width is only 4.5 inches giving us design flexibility for the ski profile never seen before.

The Fin: The ski includes our trademark stainless steel drop-thru fin, epoxy-bedded for minimum drag and impact resistance.

The Edges: We pioneered the dry edge in place of the more traditional “ripple edge” used by previous manufacturers. Our recessed dry edge applied to the upper edge prevents “roll-over” in turns and minimizes spray impact on your legs.

This unique upper edge is combined with our signature massive 45-degree bevel on the bottom edge that assures effortless tracking at high speeds.

The Finish: We use a unique combination of coatings selected for their individual advantages. The bottom running surface and edges receive three coats of catalyzed polyurethane for its unique textured resultant running surface.

The top surface receives three coats of epoxy resin for its beautiful gloss and high impact resistance.

Then both the top and bottom surfaces of the tip receive our exclusive international orange applique for in-water visibility.